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MAD Escrow explained by a simple GIF

MAD Escrow explained by a simple GIF


November 15, 2020


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-About the proposal

The proposal is about making a simple GIF maximum 7 seconds long of MAD Escrow system for easier grasping of the concept.

-Who will complete the proposal?

Everyone in the community is welcome but its preferable Particl’s lead designer to do this in order to match visual brand integrity of the designs made so far.

-Why it is important for Particl and the community?

Pictures can speak louder than words, so do visuals. The thing is, current MAD escrow guide seems a bit confusing at first glance. What if you can narrate an idea in 5 seconds in a way that everybody can understand, why bother reading it for 10 minutes?

Trustless exchange between parties is the heart of the Particl MAD Escrow system. Even non-crypto people will get the idea behind it much faster. GIF can also be easily distributed on the social platforms e.g. boards, forums, Twitter etc. thus enforcing our narrative and expanding the reach for masses. Perfect for modern day people’s very valuable and limited attention span. Time efficiency meets broader exposure. Isn’t it lovely?

-Milestones and projected timeline

Projected timeline is not set straight, sooner the better for sure, and since its quite simple task for a graphic designer, should not be taking long. This task should be as much simple as it can. If the variable escrow rates are considered in the future, that may need a rework then.

-Expiration Date

June 30, 2021

Milestone - Making of the GIF

To be paid: 100 % (50 PART)

Completion date:

Funds Awarded: unfinished