Market API documentation


January 31, 2020

13 contributors

Raised 1051.32 of 1200 PART


Fund the development and creation of a documentation of the market api v3.


The API documentation will help anyone to setup a market node and use it, like did with the explorer with v2.

Key Points

What will be done :

  • Give all API functions

  • Make a tutorial on how to install / use the market API


It should takes around 2 weeks. Expected for mid february 2021.

Donation Target

Donation target: 1,200 PART


  • The development of this initiative is already underway.

  • If the donation target isn’t reached, it will still be done.

  • Donation will help demarkets future funding

Parties Involved

  • ffmad - Website development, API documentation

  • Asdrubal - Website development, API documentation and tutorials.

  • Juha Kovanen (Ludx) - Helping on API documentation.


The development and maintenance process of what's being proposed here is provided as an entirely independent initiative. It is not related to any official Particl or Particl Foundation contribution.

Development/Launch of the website

To be paid: 20% (240 PART)

Completion date:

Finalization of the doc API

To be paid: 80% (960 PART)

Completion date: